Signs it’s Time to Consider Christian Detox and Rehab

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According to statistics, in the U.S. approximately 22.7 million individuals require treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. However, each year, less than one percent get the help they really need. A person doesn’t have to have a physical addiction to a substance to require christian detox and rehab. If the substance has started to cause negative effects in the individual’s life, then it’s time to evaluate if this is needed. Some signs a person shouldn’t wait any longer to seek help can be found here.

The Person’s Driving a Car while High or Intoxicated

While it may not seem like too big of a deal at the time, driving while buzzed, high or drunk is extremely dangerous. In 2010, more than 25 percent of drugged drivers involved in fatal accidents were over the age of 50. If a person is unable to manage their behavior while under the influence, then it is definitely time to get assistance.

Health Issues Related to Alcohol or Drug Use

Drugs of all types can cause harm to a person’s body over an extended period of time. Alcoholism, for example, causes serious damage to the liver, brain, and heart. The use of opiates can slow down breathing to the point where a person experiences permanent brain damage. The repeated use of stimulants can cause psychosis or cardiovascular failure. If alcohol or drug abuse is resulting in tangible effects on a person’s health, then their body is trying to let them know it’s not doing well. Don’t ignore these signs.

Family and Friends have Asked a Person to Stop Using Drugs or Drinking

When others start to ask someone to stop using, it’s a definite sign that help is needed. After all, if someone close is worried, there’s a good chance that the individual should be, too.

When it comes to detox and rehab, take the time to find the right facility. Doing so will help ensure that the best possible results are achieved. Being informed, knowing the options and taking steps toward recovery is the best way to overcome any addiction issue a person may be suffering.